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"Cheryl is absolutely the best teacher, intuitive and knowledgable! She encourages me to focus on what feels right so i don't push myself so hard that I'd get hurt. Amazing instructor and genuine human being. My practice has grown exponentially since I found her and her studio." M.H.

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Body Logic Yoga Recovery is a curriculum Cheryl has developed and is  passionate about.  She teaches Body Logic in recovery centers in Los Angeles (residential, PHP and IOP) for those challenged with addiction. 
Body Logic is a method of body/mind/energy integration that enables recovering clients to viscerally identify and manage the felt sense of discomfort that comes with cravings, depressive thoughts, anxiety symptoms, emotional challenges, stress and trauma. Using Body Logic practices of gentle yoga, breathing work, and somatic awareness exercises, clients learn to tolerate and often change in the moment  discomfort in an experiential way. It’s not just yoga nor is it just mindfulness. Body Logic Yoga for Recovery includes body awareness/focus and provides a real, in the moment experience that assists clients to cultivate the skills necessary to manage and regulate the challenging states that lead to impulsivity and returning to old patterns of behaving, thinking, and feeling. 
Recovering clients are asked to tune in and identify a current challenging feeling, thought, or state, an intention they have for themselves, or an area of physical pain/tension and through gentle yoga practice, breathing, and conscious  focus they are asked to stay present and learn to manage, regulate, and often times change the discomfort. They are asked if by the end of group they feel differently. They usually do.  Groups start with discussion about the how and why of Body Logic practices. This is usually  an informative and lively discussion where clients  identify and share what physical, emotional, and mental states they are challenged with and that result in substance use. They are introduced to the Body Logic concepts of yoga and breathing techniques, energy awareness exercises and they chnd share what they want to work with in real time in group. 
Cheryl then utilizes her clinical and yoga skills to guide recovering addicts through an actual practice of gentle yoga, breathing, and mindful focus interwoven with yogic teachings that address how to work with what they've chosen and that reinforce positive, life affirming concepts.
At the end of the practice clients experience the final resting pose, to allow for integration of  their experience and to allow time for calming and  relaxation (yoga nidra) as well as tolerating internal focus.
Body Logic  cultivates somatic awareness and utilizes yoga/breath/energy techniques in order to teach clients/give them the experience of being able to change their physical reality in a real and actual way.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Private/Semi Private YOGA Session

"Yoga assisted me in clearing all that caused separation within me, to honestly look at what it means to walk with and embody the spiritual teachings that are meaningful to me. Into the body, the present moment, this breath. Yoga asana is an embodied spiritual practice for me. Students hold everything in their bodies. Stress, energetic blocks, unexplored and unresolved emotions, negative thinking patterns, their stories. Yoga asana's time honored wisdom teaches to find out where these are held and to work through and release  what is still stuck and murky within the body, mind, and heart.This transformative experience refines energy flow /frequency and creates new pathways/space for peace, ease, stillness, pause, essence, joy, love; whatever qualities of energy we want to come in. Both on and OFF the mat:"

Yoga Sessions in your home or at Cheryl's beautiful sanctuary  in Sherman Oaks.

Individual and Couple's Psychotherapy

Cheryl's psychotherapy sessions assist clients in compassionately deepening their relationship to Self and Soul.

"It takes more than intellectual understanding to heal. We heal when there is room and space to inquire, pay attention to, be honest about and intentionally excavate all that isn't in alignment with what we dream and want. This requires courage, honesty and great heart."


Somatic Experiencing Sessions

These sessions focus on identifying where the energetic patterns of emotional pain, trauma and unresolved issues are held in the body and, using mindfulness practices such as  body and breath awareness, energy techniques, and yoga postures, releasing those patterns and creating new pathways for healing and growth.