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Yogini- Cheryl has been an avid practitioner for 27 years. Eighteen years ago Cheryl founded and recently sold  the boutique, community based yoga studio, GODA Yoga in downtown Culver City.

She is an E-RYT 200 and has studied extensively with Ana Forrest and Erich Schiffman. She's been teaching group and private yoga classes for 19 years.

Cheryl's classes are compassionate, strong, breath and alignment based to create a meaningful experience where wisdom, growth, and healing unfold over time. She's passionate about assisting students to use asana as a mindful movement practice, cultivating flexibility and strength as well as developing deep listening skills, paying attention to body and breath for what is needed in the moment. Cheryl incorporates her understanding of the mind and behavior into her classes, encouraging her students to break free of their rigid, self- defeating patterns and habits making room inside to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually She's skilled at working with  all ages, levels, and shapes of practitioner and has expertise in working asanas for injuries, chronic pain, and the 'changing' body. With intelligent asana practice she helps students, release and relieve  pain patterns, to feel open, stronger, healthier.

She has completed the foundation, advanced and continuing education teacher trains with Ana Forrest and two 50 hour trainings with Erich Schiffman. In her  27 years on the mat she has had the privilege to study with several Los Angeles based senior teachers; Catherine McNamara, Shiva Rae, Saul David Ray, and Julian Walker, to name a few.

Healer​-  Cheryl Moss, L.M.F.T., has always been interested in how human beings grow and change. Ever since she can remember, she has felt the resonance of other people's joy and suffering. That empathy is the root of her passion for understanding the human condition, mind and heart. Her own personal healing led to in depth studies in psychology and she eventually became a licensed therapist. The questions about who we are, why we suffer, and what happens when we die, led to the exploration of different spiritual pathways and mindfulness practices, specifically yoga and meditation. 

She holds a masters degree in psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist, L.M.F.T., with 26 years of private counseling experience. She works with individuals and couples. It's Cheryl's heartfelt privilege to assist clients to shed what no longer serves, to heal, and to live open hearted, authentic lives. In her psychotherapy practice she specializes in working with life change and transitions, women's issues, couple's/relationship issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD and addictions, and issues related to loss, illness,death and dying.


Cheryl Moss M.A. LMFT, ERYT 200

​"Cheryl is a gifted yoga instructor. I've tried many in my life and she's the best I've had. There is something about her voice and her words that make me feel relaxed, peaceful and in good hands. She's taught me so much. She always spots ways to alter and shift my body so that the poses feel better and more right.  She also helps me for my lower back issues. I learned to do headstand safely in two sessions. It's so easy with her." V.S.